"I have been here at this facility for a number of years and I have to say that it's a good place to reside in. The staff treat me right and are very respectable to all of us."

"Nice staff, fantastic Rehab Center. I couldn't walk when I came here and now I'm back to myself. I would recommend my family and friends who need assistance to come to Crawford. I lived here and felt part of Crawford's family and enjoyed the activities that they offer. Social Services helped me with an apartment and the Crawford staff helped me with household items. I feel so much love from my community"

"I have been to Crawford four times now. I feel safe and comfortable at the facility. The staff go above and beyond to accommodate. When I'm at Crawford it's like being with my family"

"The staff here is my family, they treat me with respect and dignity"

"Both of my parents were here until they both passed away. I can't explain my gratitude to the staff at Crawford. They always treated my family with respect and took great care of my parents. I couldn't say enough great things about the staff and facility"